Parish Giving

Weekly Stewardship of Treasure

We ask all registered parishioners to offer on-going gifts to the parish through one of the following methods:

1. Monthly Parish Envelopes mailed to your home to be brought to church (Please contact Parish Secretary to receive monthly envelopes for you and your family).

2. E-Giving (a monthly or semi-monthly automatic deduction from your checking or savings made directly to the Parish).

3. Online Giving

Give Online

Outright Gifts

The parish gratefully accepts gifts of cash and marketable securities. Bequests and life insurance proceeds are also accepted. Memorial contributions honoring living and deceased loved ones are encouraged.

Any of the above listed gifts can be specified by the donor for use by the church, school, or Capital Development Fund.

West Virginia Catholic Foundation

The West Virginia Catholic Foundation is a non-profit, public charity created to provide a means for individuals and organizations to ensure long-term financial viability for charitable, religious, and educational institutions of the Catholic Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston including St. Michael Parish.

St. Michael Parish currently has 4 funds with the WV Catholic Foundation:

  • St. Michael Parish Wheeling Capital Improvement Fund
  • St. Michael Parish Wheeling Maintenance Endowment Fund
  • St. Michael Parish Wheeling Ministry Endowment Fund
  • St. Michael Parish School Wheeling Endowment fund

The Foundation accepts gifts of cash and securities and is managed by the Foundation Board. For information on the St. Michael Parish funds with the WV Catholic Foundation, please contact the Parish Finance Office at 304.242.1560.

E-Giving FAQs

E-Giving is automated giving through an electronic funds transfer from your bank account each month. If you contribute to the parish as a good steward, you apportion a percentage of your income for that purpose. Once you determine the amount that you plan to give to the church, this amount can broken down into monthly or semi-monthly deductions from your bank account. Using E-Giving ensures that you put God first in your giving and that His purposes don’t fall prey to simply what’s left in your wallet when the offertory basket is passed.

Once you complete the authorization form on the reverse side, your specified amount will be withdrawn from your chosen bank account on the date selected and credited to your contribution record at St. Michael’s. Automated giving is very safe and secure. At this time, only first collection gifts are eligible for E-Giving.

For you: This service costs you nothing yet saves you time and effort. You avoid the need to regularly write checks and do not have to remember each week to use your offertory envelopes. You are able to continue supporting the parish when you are away or unable to attend mass for other reasons.

For the parish: Processing weekly collections requires a significant amount of time on the part of the office staff. Automated giving allows the staff the opportunity to spend more time on other ministry work. E-Giving ensures a consistent cash flow which allows for better budgeting and spending practices. Additionally, the parish can save the cost of printing and mailing envelopes each month.

Absolutely! Changes can be made at any time with a simple phone call to the parish office. You can discontinue enrollment in the plan, change bank account information or contribution amounts whenever necessary. All we ask for is a reasonable amount of time to make the change effective.

Complete the form by clicking on the link at the top of this page and submit it to the Parish Finance Office along with a voided check or bank letter (for savings account). It’s that easy. If you have further questions, please contact Wendy Hinerman at 304.242.1560.

Planned Giving

Bequests for the benefit of the parish and school may be included in your will. The wording should include the following: “… the Bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston, or his successors in office, for the use and benefit of St. Michael Parish, Wheeling…”

Charitable Gift Annuities and Charitable trusts may also be set up to benefit St. Michael Parish as well as donors and surviving family members. Please consult with your attorney when considering planned giving opportunities.